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Meet the software developer making research studies easier

We recently caught up with Alex Howard, an experienced business manager and software developer, to discover more about AAH Software Ltd. and what its like being part of the Norwich Research Park business community. 

What does AAH Software Ltd do?

“AAH Software develops bespoke research stu

Telehealth After COVID - A Trend That Is Here To Stay

Is Telehealth Really Here To Stay?

Let's start with some statistics.

  • According to a Mckinsey study, one year after the first Covid-19 spike, in Feb'21, nearly 13 - 17% of all outpatient visits continued to be through Telehealth. This is almost 38 times the claims that used to be made e

AAH Software gains Cyber Secure accreditation for customer peace of mind

AAH Software has received a Cyber Essentials UK government-backed accreditation demonstrating that it operates to robust IT security standards.

The company - which builds and hosts databases and remote research platforms for businesses and medical research organizations - has always ensured the highest standards of cyber protec

Highly Commended award for Excellence in Life Sciences

We are delighted to have been recognised with a Highly Commended award for Excellence in Life Sciences from  Read More

FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards 2020

We are very proud to have been shortlisted for 'Digital/e-commerce Business of the Year' by the 'FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards 2020' 😁🤞

Broadland & South Norfolk Business Awards 2020

We are delighted to have our work recognised by South Norfolk Council in our nomination, and shortlisting, for 'Excellence in Life Sciences' and 'Excellence in Digital Creative ICT' for the Broadland & South Norfolk Business Awards 2020. 😁🤞
Read More

Let's talk about Dementia

Our series explores the different variants of dementia from both a scientific and carers viewpoint. Professor Michael Hornberger explains in layman terms, what's happening in the brain to help our understanding of the disease. Fascinating and awful in equal measure.
We also hear from carers looking after loved ones with the disease, a

AAH Software talks to Dr Stephen Mullin about the pros and cons of online research

Using online research technologies is gaining popularity in the areas of PHD and post doctoral research.

AAH Software interviewed Dr Stephen Mullin, Clinical Lecturer in Neurology at the University of Plymouth, to find out the pros and cons of this methodology. Read on to discover if it could be right for your research.

Dr Mu

Groundbreaking study into Parkinson’s has links to Norwich Research Park

A new study, with links to Norwich, hopes to make in-roads into predicting and preventing Parkinson’s Disease.

Predict PD is seeking 10,000 people in the UK to participate in its ground-breaking study using simple online tests to identify people at high risk of Parkinson’s disease before the symptoms appear.


The future of workplace communication

Now is the time for businesses to look beyond email

Businesses have made great strides in adopting new technologies as part of their digital transformation efforts. However, as companies have turned to new tools to increase their productivity, the

Coding is the future of the British education system

With the coming of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, many students are taking it upon themselves to teach themselves the skills of coding in order to become more tech-savvy and compete in an increasingly digital age. The term, ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, coined by Klaus Schwab, refers to the consolidation of technol

Digitally enabled care to go ‘mainstream’ in the next decade, Long Term Plan promises

NHS England has pledged that digitally-enabled care will go ‘mainstream’ across the NHS over the next decade, and set eight milestones on the way to that goal.

The NHS Long Term Plan, published today, includ

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, here’s to 2019!

We would like to thank all our amazing customers for making this a fantastic 2018. We are truly proud to be working with you and being part of the important, life changing, research you and your teams are undertaking. We wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, here’s to 2019!
Instead of gifts and cards we have once again don

120 AI Predictions For 2019

Me: “Alexa, tell me what will happen in 2019.”

Amazon AI: “Do you want to open ‘this day in history'?"

Me: “Alexa, give me a prediction for 2019.”

Amazon AI: “The crystal ball is clouded, I can’t tell.”

My conversation with Amazon’s &ldqu

The demise of the 9-5: What will the future of the office look like?

How will your future workplace differ from today?

The workplace of the past had well-defined structure, employees would come into a physical space with hierarchical management and specified core working hours. With the gig-economy flouri