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What Microsoft's acquisition of Github means for the future of open source

Microsoft's acquisition of Github says something decisive about the future of open source in enterprise.

Microsoft's recent acquisition of Github has made waves through developer communities, sparking questions about what it will mean for the future of the site, and for the future of open source software itself

Is the heatwave slowing down your brain?

Research finds that cognitive functions decline as temperatures rise

Hot weather really does fry our brains, a new study has confirmed.

Researchers at Harvard University found that people who were exposed to hotter temperatures “did significantly less well” in cognitive and memory retention tests than people

NHS England to ‘engage’ with public on effects of digital-first primary care

NHS England is to engage with the public, primary care professionals and innovators on how the health service can ensure the GP payment system is “fair” in light of increasing digitisation.

Speaking at NHS England’s latest board meeting on 4 July, Ian Dodge – national director of strategy and in

Deepmind Health should be ‘more transparent about business model’

An independent review panel has said Deepmind Health should be “more transparent about its business model” and explain how it makes its money.

The panel was created in 2016 when Deepmind Health was established. It members meet quarterly to “scrutinise” the company’s w

My Health Record digital system is coming

People living in Mount Isa will soon discover a digital improvement in healthcare called “My Health Record” to help manage their health and wellbeing.

The Australian Digital Health Agency is visiting Mount Isa to inform regional stakeholders about the system.

Every Australian will be offered a My Health

What are Data Repositories and Why Do They Exist?

Do you know a data cube from a data warehouse or a data mart?

Scientific research uses data to justify reasoning and decisions. This works because data provides the information and evidence scientists need to prove that their hypotheses are correct. A similar relationship has been developing in business, with organisations analysing la

Digital health must benefit patient safety

European policymakers must work towards better healthcare coordination and support while addressing preventable harm, writes Alojz Peterle MEP.

Patient safety is a major public health issue, with more than a quarter of EU citizens admitting to having an adverse experience while seeking healthcare and over half believing that patients m

Researchers to use home technology to monitor long-term conditions

A new three-year project from the University of Bristol is set to investigate if Wi-Fi radio waves can be reused as a medical radar system.


The research is part of a new £1.5 million grant awarded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Toshiba and Decawave. Th

5 Ways AR And VR Are The Future Of Business

Technology is changing the world of business we know today. Over the past 30 years, businesses have seen the PC, the internet and now VR (virtual reality) enter its environment. Even though VR has only entered mainstream in the past year or so, it already has a huge following from consumers.

However, businesses tend to lag behind consu

Research suggests digital skills gap in health sector blocks innovation

The digital skills gap and a lack of data sharing is obstructing the spread of innovation, new research has suggested.

The Human Factor: Driving Digital Solutions for 21st Century Health and Care report, led by the National Centre for Universities and Business, calls for a more emphasis on digital and data literacy edu

NHS Scotland to link all labs through National Pathology Exchange

All NHS labs in Scotland will be linked through the National Pathology Exchange network following the approval of NHS Scotland Shared Services.

The executive board of NHS Scotland green-lit a business case that will see all 14 of the country’s health boards connected to the exchange hub, enabling hospital lab tea

Government tightens grip on NHS Digital’s sharing of non-clinical patient data

The government has significantly revised an agreement which allows NHS Digital to share non-clinical patient information with the Home Office.

Speaking during a parliamentary debate on the data protection bill on May 9, Margot James – a minister at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport –

Firefox moves browsers into post-password future with WebAuthn tech

With Mozilla's release of Firefox 60 on Wednesday, web browsers will start letting you log into websites without a password -- an important change in au

How cholesterol in the brain may accelerate the onset of Alzheimer’s disease

A landmark study has revealed that cholesterol in the brain may play a fundamental role in catalyzing the formation of amyloid beta clusters, thought to be a central mechanism leading to the devastating degenerative symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

An international team of researchers, led by the University of Cambridge, set out

Fitbit unveils new health solutions — Allscripts strengthens patient platform — Garmin, KU Medical explore health data use cases