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Hexadecimal colour flag

Numberphile influenced hex colour flag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo19Y4tw0l8

"AAH Software" converted to binary: 0100 0001 0100 0001 0100 1000 0010 0000 0101 0011 0110 1111 0110 0110 0111 0100 0111 0111 0110 0001 0111 0010 0110 0101
The binary t

NHS adopts AI app for gestational diabetes

The NHS has adopted a software system from Sensyne Health with aim of helping to manage gestational diabetes.

Sensyne Health has announced the commercial launch of its GDm-Health product, the patient app-to-clinician software system for the management of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), which replaces the traditional paper-based me

Improve patient engagement and efficiency with AI powered chatbots

A major item in scoring a health care organization is patient engagement. That is, patients are more likely to give a higher rating if they have some way to communicate to an organization with as little friction as possible. Improving the patient engagement experience can also improve patient outcomes — the hope is to do it affordably. Art

Sleep tech is booming – but it's getting weirder and dodgier

Tech to help you sleep better has been around for years. And a recent boom is resulting in more people putting faith in questionable science

Who counts sheep these days? Among all the easy cooking apps and activity trackers that can be found in the wild world of the Apple App Store, there is one app that outshines them all... with its

Thousands of software developers from 100 countries attend record-breaking hackathon

Thousands of software developers as well as computer and information-technology enthusiasts from more than 100 countries have taken part in a huge hackathon in Saudi Arabia.

The Hajj Hackathon in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ran from 31 July-3 August and featured a successful record attempt by the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programmi

WANTED! Technology ideas that could change the world

How do you fancy winning £10,000? Then check out this fantastic tech competition, and also free forum events

Technology changes the way we live, and we’re after new ideas that can continue to shape our future. So in partnership with our sister brands T3

Revised digital health and care records sharing standards published by PRSB

Revised standards to improve the sharing of digital health and care records have been published by the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB).

The “PRSB Standards for the Structure and Content of Health and Care Records” set out the stand

How to test out Google’s Digital Wellbeing features on Android 9 Pie right now

The various Digital Wellbeing features that Google revealed last spring — a dashboard to show your smartphone usage habits, app limit timers, and a “wind down” mode to help you focus on going to sleep &m

Six fun ways to help your children develop their coding skills

With more jobs aimed at those who can code, now is a good time to get children started.

There is a Stem skills shortage in the UK which is estimated to cost UK businesses £1.5 billion a year, according to education and careers support organisation STEM Learning.

As a result, there is greater demand than ever to boost yo

Patients Turn To Digital Health Because They Don’t Like Seeing Actual Doctors, Experts Say

Several of the world’s leading tech companies have invested a lot of money in the digital health space. Devices and apps designed to diagnose health issues or help patients manage them have risen in popularity in recent years, and while a lot of these tools come with disclaimers that advise users to see an actual doctor for a valid diagnos

What Microsoft's acquisition of Github means for the future of open source

Microsoft's acquisition of Github says something decisive about the future of open source in enterprise.

Microsoft's recent acquisition of Github has made waves through developer communities, sparking questions about what it will mean for the future of the site, and for the future of open source software itself

Is the heatwave slowing down your brain?

Research finds that cognitive functions decline as temperatures rise

Hot weather really does fry our brains, a new study has confirmed.

Researchers at Harvard University found that people who were exposed to hotter temperatures “did significantly less well” in cognitive and memory retention tests than people

NHS England to ‘engage’ with public on effects of digital-first primary care

NHS England is to engage with the public, primary care professionals and innovators on how the health service can ensure the GP payment system is “fair” in light of increasing digitisation.

Speaking at NHS England’s latest board meeting on 4 July, Ian Dodge – national director of strategy and in

Deepmind Health should be ‘more transparent about business model’

An independent review panel has said Deepmind Health should be “more transparent about its business model” and explain how it makes its money.

The panel was created in 2016 when Deepmind Health was established. It members meet quarterly to “scrutinise” the company’s w

My Health Record digital system is coming

People living in Mount Isa will soon discover a digital improvement in healthcare called “My Health Record” to help manage their health and wellbeing.

The Australian Digital Health Agency is visiting Mount Isa to inform regional stakeholders about the system.

Every Australian will be offered a My Health