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Just a selection of our clients that we are proud to have worked with.


Remote research management portal

We are excited to introduce Mantal

Manage, recruit and automate multiple research studies from a single online portal.
Packed with features and cognitive tests.

100% free for small, student and feasibility studies

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All About us

A brief overview of our service and vision

At AAH software we are excited to bring our bespoke service to academic and scientific businesses.

Web and mobile applications, database driven systems and hosted software as a service (SaaS) are revolutionizing research, with the ability to reach more people in a more creative and engaging way, automatically collect and analyse data and create better quantitative and qualitative data as a result.

We are passionate about creating user friendly solutions to increase efficiency and profitability – such as automating repetitive processes, managing complicated workflows, creating audit trails and keeping you compliant.

Data security and integrity (as well as system availability and backup) and the end user / patient experience are always our top priority.

Our software development Promise

All our bespoke solutions for your study or business are designed to be mobile friendly, secure and fast.

Scalable on Devices

With new internet enabled devices being released on a daily basis and tablet computing becoming more desirable than traditional desktop and laptop computers, it is more important than ever that your software looks great on any device.

Secure SSL/TLS

Security should always be the top priority.
We encourage the use of at least 128bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) over Transport Layer Security (TLS) for any digital data transfer over the internet.

Optimised for Speed

Speed is always a battle with connectivity trying to keep up with hosted software and services. We ensure that websites are light enough, without compromising features or quality, to load quickly and databases have been optimised to give the best performance.