Consultation and quotations

We are always happy to talk, especially over coffee and biscuits!
Before we produce a proposal we need to understand your requirements. This involves us meeting over the phone/skype, or in person, and talking through what you're trying to achieve and why. Using our extensive experience we are able to guide you towards the best, most cost-effective, approaches you may like to take and usually uncover something you hadn't previously thought of. This process really benefits us both and we'll each come away feeling excited about the project.
AAH Software will then produce a proposal, based on our initial conversation, for you to review and amend as many times as you like as you think of more requirements or reduce/park requirements for a later development.

Free of charge

Average project costs

This is really tricky and ultimately dependant on your requirements and the complexity of your project. However, our average pricing to date is:

System / platform


  • Globally accessible online system
  • Highly scalable infrastructure
  • Development, test and live environment

Hybrid mobile application


  • Back-office system controlled
  • On and offline data
  • iOS, Android and Windows app stores

API / Middleware


  • Allow multiple unattached systems communicate
  • Give external system access to your data
  • Allow your system to be controlled externally

You own all your code and hold administrator access to all hosting platforms

On-going support

AAH Software can provide the following ongoing support

Fully managed I.T. support

£75.00 per month

  • Per operating system
  • Databases - Free of charge
  • File systems - Free of charge

Software support retainer

£385.00 per month

  • Unlimited email and telephone support
  • Investigation of bugs and user queries
  • Administrator training

Secure backup

£0.35 per GB per month

  • Secure remote backup
  • Minimum of 100GB
  • Rolling 30 day retention

Special services like Load Balancers and Auto-scaling groups may have an additional charge

Additional development

To make things simpler we have created three tiers, based on complexity, for additional development:



  • Small simple fixes
  • Could be multiple small requests



  • More complicated updates or changes
  • Could be multiple low complexity tasks



  • High complexity updates
  • Could be multiple low/medium complexity tasks

All additional development will be discussed and a proposal created just like the initial stages, free of charge. High complexity tasks could be charged in multiples if the work required exceeds one working day. Larger requests will be priced on a per project basis.

All prices exclude VAT if applicable