Did you know memory loss is not a side effect of aging? Despite how many years we accumulate, a healthy brain should be able to maintain a well-functioning memory. This may come as a surprise to many, as it sure seems that the older we get the harder it is to remember all those little details.

The good news is, for most healthy adults, a little memory slippage can be easily reversed with some minor changes to your routine and new habits. Just like your other muscles, you can strengthen your memory and improve its abilities.

Best of all, most of the steps academic researchers suggest for memory improvement can be fulfilled at the library; meaning that taking steps towards improving your memory is simple, local and free.

Five of our favorite memory-improving recommendations are:

1. Increase your daily level or socialization. Meeting new people, remembering names and faces, and conversing about shared experiences are all great ways to work out your memory.

2. Challenge your brain. Trying to remember facts and information you already know helps your memory to develop faster information recall.

3. Learn something new. Learning a new skill is one of the most highly recommended ways for you to strengthen those memory muscles. It can be something as simple as driving a different route home from work or as challenging as learning how to play an instrument or speak a new language.

4. Exercise. Total body health is important. Your mind is more likely to stay healthy when your body does.

5. Read! Reading keeps your mind growing.